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It’s time to move beyond commodity, price-based competition. Market share growth and stronger pricing require adaptation and agility. The agility to offer products that your organization can deliver.

HighRoads gives you the power to easily create products on demand, driving profitability and customer loyalty.

Using a single source of truth, you can better manage the process of bringing products to market faster. Products your customers and prospects want. Products that will differentiate you from a crowded field.

We call it efficient innovation—the ability to accelerate product development so you are more responsive to a constantly evolving market.

With customers demanding more agility from health plans, you need a smarter, more nimble approach to product lifecycle management that allows you to quickly configure products that are more flexible, compliant, and profitable.

HighRoads understands the specific challenges you face every day because we’ve spent decades working with health plans. The unique insights we’ve gained led to the technology behind our P2 Advance platform. With it, you can streamline and simplify the product lifecycle management process, expedite document creation, and be responsive to the ever-changing needs of your customers.

Moreover, the platform provides a single source of truth for all data across your organization, so everyone’s on the same page. Costly mistakes and compliance issues can be avoided, even as changes and updates are made. A scalable design grows and adapts as you expand and market needs change.

Managing hundreds of products is no longer a job for spreadsheets and PDFs. With HighRoads, you’ve got a powerful, flexible platform that enables you to work more efficiently, be more agile, and compete in today’s marketplace.

  • Market Insights

    Hear what IDC’s Payor IT Strategies Research Director has to say about the product autonomy challenges facing insurers, and HighRoads’ innovative technology platform as the solution to address them.
  • Market Insights

    Watch our recent webinar to learn how HighRoads’ innovative technology facilitates on-demand product creation at the point of sale.
  • Market Insights

    How Existing Product Lifecycles Are Suffocating Health Plan Innovation, and What to Do About It

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Real-World Results

  • Learn how HighRoads' single source of truth platform was the key to driving plan documentation accuracy and consistency for a large regional plan.


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  • See how HighRoads significantly reduced the time and effort required to launch new products for a large nonprofit health system.


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