eBook: Turn Up the Volume: How to Generate Thousands of SBCs In One Take

Be the rock star in your organization and digitize your SBCs.


eBook: 5 Steps for Marketing to Achieve a Stress-Free Open Enrollment

This eBook provides the necessary steps to navigate the summer storms of open enrollment.

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White Paper: Responding to ‘Change Indicators’ Critical for Payers to Optimize Sales Cycle

Change Indicators, those golden nuggets of information, are seemingly everywhere. Executive leaders attuned to these market signals are better-prepared to bring value to their company, improve market share and, in some cases, define new markets.


eBook: 5 Tips to Reduce Product Operations Breakdowns

This Quick Guide provides a best-practices approach to ensuring a smooth process from product design to market-ready plans and, most important, how to eliminate the bottlenecks that can derail delivering products and plans to market.


eBook: 6 Steps to Increase Speed to Market

This Quick Guide provides a best-practices approach to streamlining product/plan management and reducing the time to secure new and renewal business.


Compliance Challenges and Opportunities in Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is one of the fastest growing public sector programs in the country, presenting an opportunity for commercial payers. But with opportunity comes challenges, like meeting compliance requirements and securing a four-star rating. In this white paper, Leavitt Partners and HighRoads articulate why payers need to execute on a sound product and plan data management strategy to build or expand their Medicare Advantage business.

Exploring Industry SBC Implementation and Operational Processes for Health Plans

Exploring Industry SBC Implementation and Operational Processes for Health Plans

Payers are facing a litany of new challenges in other ACA requirements, including generation operationalization of new systems and data elements required for rate and form filings. Further, a future expansion of both products in the individual, small-group and self-insured markets as well as further revenue diversification by line of business will necessitate an end-to-end solution for payers.

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Centralized Product and Plan Management: A Health Care Payer’s Foundation for Success under Health Care Reform

The health insurance industry is experiencing a period of disruptive change driven by the consumerism of health care
and increasing momentum behind Health Care Reform (HCR). Health care payers face intense pressure to implement the
provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and must meet aggressive timelines to address reform mandates through 2014.